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Internships (12 weeks)

Wild Sun Rescue Center offers the following internships to students 20 years and older looking for relevant experience: 


Conservation Intern

Conservation interns are expected to help Wild Sun Rescue Center educate the public on our goals towards the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction of wildlife as well as the issues we face. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Research into the biggest threats facing local wildlife
  • Guiding educational visits of the center
  • Help with educational programming through local school visits
  • Educating the public via social media
  • Help with fundraising campaigns

Wildlife Biology Intern

Wildlife biology interns are expected to help Wild Sun Rescue Center with data collection and analysis to better care for current and future patients. Duties may include:

  • Data input and preliminary analysis of rehabilitation data through Wild Sun Database
  • Behavioural focal scans of patients in pre-release to better understand their release criteria
  • Census and behavioural data collection of local howler troops
  • Life history research on local wildlife
  • Contacting other rescue centers to compare and share strategies


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