Wild Sun Rescue Center


Saving wildlife in the Nicoya peninsula

Wild Sun Rescue Center is a non-profit organization located in Cabuya, Costa Rica. We are not only dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of our local wildlife but also to finding solutions to the problems they are facing.

Everyday we treat sick, injured and orphaned animals who are affected by various threats such as electrocution, dog and cat attacks, deforestation and illegal pet trade.  Our primary goal is to release each animal back to the wild.

We complement our rescue and release with education and conservation, amplifying our efforts through the community at large.  Our internships and veterinary externships allow us to inspire and have a greater impact.  

Join us - Volunteer or DonateIntern or Extern!  It will take all of us to reverse the damage that has occurred to our ecosystem and one way to make a difference is by supporting projects like ours. Be the change!




Biology & Conservation

Student Vet Experience

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Conservation Efforts

species reintroduction & education


Rescue. Rehabilitate. Release.

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Wild Sun borders the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve.  Cabo Blanco is a pioneer of wildlife and environmental conservation, becoming the first protected area in Costa Rica in 1963. Situated on the extreme southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, it protects 1,788 hectares of ocean and 1,270 hectares of tropical forest where endangered animal species find refuge.

Until now, 150 species of trees and 240 species of birds have been recorded in Cabo Blanco, making it an important sanctuary for wildlife.
Many valuable species have been extirpated (locally extinct) from this region including the Jaguar, 2 and 3-Toed Sloth, Spider Monkey and Scarlet Macaw.  Help us fight to bring them back!


Located in Cabuya, Costa Rica


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