Programs and Rates

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Programs and Rates


Pricing 2-4 week Volunteers

Shared Simple Room - $625 per week (includes meal plan)

Shared Deluxe Room - $825/wk (includes meal plan)

Pricing 6-11 Week Volunteers

Shared Simple Room–  $420 per week (includes meal plan)

Shared Deluxe Room–  $620 per week (includes meal plan)



A 25% non-refundable deposit for your program fee is required to make a reservation. We will send you an invoice via PayPal after your application has been approved.  **Please do not make any travel plans until you after your deposit is made and you receive confirmation from us.**

For special inquiries and requests, contact us at with a description of your circumstance, and we will do our best to assist.


Additional Programs

La Escuela Del Sol offers additional courses to volunteers of the Wild Sun Rescue Center.  You may add on any one course per week of Spanish ($300), surfing ($300) or yoga ($100) subject to availability.  This will be determined one week in advance on a first come first served basis.

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Full Term Volunteer Program (12 weeks)

Anyone over 20 years old is welcome to apply. Full Term Volunteers commit to 12 full weeks of service.  If you can make that commitment, accommodation is free and you may use our shared kitchen to cook your own food.

We ask for a $500 deposit to reserve your position. $100 is kept as a donation to the center and the remaining $400 will be returned at the end of a successful 12 week commitment.

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Internships (12 weeks)

Please email us if you are interested in the Conservation or Wildlife Biology Internship - not all are available at a given time.

We require a $500 deposit to reserve your space in this position.  $100 is kept as a donation to the center and the remaining $400 will be returned at the end of a successful 12 week internship.

Free accommodation is provided in one of our shared simple rooms or co-ed dorm. Interns have use of a shared kitchen to prepare their own food unless they would rather join the meal plan ($150/wk).

Although anyone over 20 may apply for the position, those with previous experience working with animals or studies in animal behavior, biology, or related fields will be given priority.

Specific duties are expected of our interns on top of full term volunteer tasks (you will have plenty of time with animal husbandry, we promise!). While we provide a framework for interns, we encourage you to make the most of your time here by applying your unique skillset and interests to the program. 

Programs & Rates