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All volunteers are guests of the Wild Sun Jungle Resort and have access to the yoga deck and infinity pool.  All volunteers are housed in our brand new dorm room unless you would like to upgrade to a shared deluxe room at extra cost. 


Shared Simple Rooms


Our shared simple rooms are co-ed and are equipped with fans and mosquito nets. These rooms share a bath house downstairs with 3 toilets and 3 showers.  

We have 2 rooms that sleep 3 and 1 that can be used for couples. Please let us know if you are uncomfortable sharing a room with someone of the opposite sex, we will do our best to accommodate you.



Shared Deluxe Rooms


You may upgrade at extra cost to a shared deluxe room.  These rooms are separated from common areas of the rescue center for more privacy. They are equipped with A/C, a private outdoor bath, mini fridge, satellite tv, and hot water showers. 

Outside of each room is a patio with swing chairs that look over the Jungle Resort Infinity Pool with ocean view.  



Lawn and Pool Wild Sun


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Volunteers are welcome to cook their own food in our shared kitchen. 

We also offer meal plans for an additional $150/wk:  

Food is prepared by our Chef, Randall Santamaría. Randy is professionally trained and serves cuisine styles from all over the world. Due to the environmental impacts that the cattle and pig industry has specifically caused in Costa Rica, beef and pork is not served at Wild Sun. However, Randy does serve chicken, seafood, and vegetarian/vegan options.