Species Reintroduction


Species Reintroduction

Scarlet Macaw Reintroduction Costa Rica

As of 2017, 352 species are listed on the endangered species list in Costa Rica. In just two years that number has jumped from 330.[1] Allowing this rate of increase to continue would be tragic and further destroy our beautifully biodiverse ecosystems. We aim to boost populations of endangered species in order to try and reverse the trend of mounting population loss.

We have an alliance with AsoProLapa, a Scarlet Macaw breeding program on the Nicoya Peninsula. Thanks to our proximity to the Cabo Blanco reserve, Wild Sun is an ideal spot to reintroduce Scarlet Macaws, returning them to an area where they no longer exist in the wild.

Macaws have lived here in the past and two of their main food sources, the Mountain Almond and Beach Almond trees, grow in abundance here.  There are also few known predators in this area, making it a perfect place for reintroduction and population growth.

We have already secured the funding and are just waiting for permit clearance to build our Macaw breeding center. Once construction is complete, we will begin to breed and release these magnificent birds back to the wild where they belong.

Looking to the future, we also have our eye on reintroducing the Geoffroy's Spider Monkey, an endangered species that has disappeared from this region of Costa Rica. 

We will keep our eye on as many species as possible with the hopes of reintroduction to the area, thereby strengthening and diversifying populations to buck the current trends of animal loss and extinction.


Species Reintroduction

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