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After your application is submitted, please send an email with your CV attached to the coordinator of the internship you apply for.
After this we can confirm that we have received your application.

Conservation Education Internship Coordinator
Carmen Atwater -

Wildlife Biology Internship Coordinator
Ezra Mendales -


Please fill out the following information.  We will be contacting your references right away so be sure to let them know to expect an email or phone call from us.  This internship is an amazing opportunity and we sincerely hope we can share it with you!  

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Terms & Conditions

Applicants must be 20 years of age by arrival date.

If we accept your application, we will send you an invoice for the $600 program fee as well as the $400 deposit to complete your reservation (total $1000). 

The deposit will be forfeited under the following conditions:

  • Fully forfeited in case of the following:

    • Cancelled reservations

    • If leaving the program early for any reason

  • Partially forfeited in case of:

    • Damaged property of Wild Sun Rescue Center or Jungle Resort (cost of damage)

    • Unexcused absence ($50 per day)

  • At Rescue Center's discretion in unforeseen circumstances

Wild Sun recommends that you purchase travel insurance in case of cancelled or shortened trips.  

Wild Sun Rescue Center makes every effort to ensure the safety of our interns and volunteers. Our first day together, we hold an informational seminar, giving you traveling tips to help guard against the dangers of personal injury or theft in the region. That said, Wild Sun Rescue Center is not responsible for any injury, property damage or loss which might occur to students while attending any Wild Sun activity or while traveling in or around Costa Rica. By submitting this form to Wild Sun you are declaring that you have read and agree to this statement as written and intended.


Internship Application

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