Terms + Conditions

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Terms + Conditions


Deposits are non-refundable and are required to make a reservation.  Your remaining balance is due in full upon arrival at Wild Sun Rescue Center.

In the case of full-term volunteers and interns, the following conditions apply:

  • A $600 deposit per person is required to secure full-term and internship reservations

    • $200 is a donation to the rescue center

    • $400 is refunded at the end of your stay of the required full term

      • Forfeited under the following conditions:

        • Fully forfeited in the event of:

          • cancelled reservations

          • leaving the program early for any reason

        • Partially forfeited in case of:

          • Damaged property of WSRC or WS Jungle Resort (cost of damage)

          • Unexcused absence ($50 per day)

Participants may make changes to the length of their reservation under the following conditions:

If a participant decides to extend his stay, a further donation will be deducted from the deposit based on time commitment and the remaining deposit will hold under the same conditions as the original agreement.

Classes/programs/volunteer service will only be permitted for those who have completed their payment in full. Participants who fail to pay by the first Tuesday night of their program session may be asked to leave campus. As is the case with ski resorts, cruise ships and other school and vacation packages such as ours, once programs have begun, refunds will not be given for any reason. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for trip cancellations or interruptions to cover any financial loss.

Short term volunteer participants may make changes to the length of their reservation under the following conditions:

  • Reservations may be lengthened (i.e. 3 weeks to 4 weeks) at any point in time, subject to availability as well as to our discretion.

  • Reservations may be shortened before your program begins (so long as they fulfill their minimum time commitment) with more than 30 days notice at no extra charge.

    • Within 30 days of the program start date, shortened reservations will be subject to a $100 processing fee (i.e. a 3 week program shortened to a 2 week program within 30 days of arrival will henceforth carry the 2 week program fee plus $100). Once classes have begun, shortened programs will not receive a refund.

If Wild Sun Rescue Center must cancel a program in its entirety, all payments for such programs will be returned in full.  Wild Sun Rescue Center is not responsible for expenses related to the preparation for any canceled trips, including airline tickets.

Any costs incurred due to travel delays, flight cancellations, illness, injury or for other unforeseen reasons will be the responsibility of the participant to whom such incidents occur, and will not be subject to refund or discounted program fees from Wild Sun Rescue Center.

Again, Wild Sun Rescue Center strongly recommends participants purchase travel insurance to cover financial loss in the event of such unforeseen circumstances. Some available resources can be found by visiting:

  • Worldnomads.com

  • Travelinsure.com

  • Insuremytrip.com

  • Travelguard.com

  • Many more by web search for “travel insurance” or “trip cancellation and interruption insurance”


Terms + Conditions