Vet/Pre-Vet Externship

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Wild Sun Externship

A veterinary externship like no other


Our 4 week externship focuses on veterinary intervention in the midst of protecting biodiversity.  Considering the diversity and quantity of exotic wildlife in the Nicoya Peninsula, there is no better place in the world do so.  We have specialized tracks for pre-vet and gap-year students, 1st & 2nd year vet students and 3rd & 4th year vet students.

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In addition to practicing animal husbandry and rehabilitation in the ICU, students will assist in necessary surgeries and emergency procedures.  Patient rounds will be conducted daily along with topic discussions and presentations.  There will be onsite labs and demonstrations, bi-weekly evaluations and feedback meetings and execution of a project for the benefit of the rescue center.

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Among other things, students will gain a deeper knowledge of what conservation medicine is and how it differs from exotic and zoo medicine, what role a veterinarian plays in conservation and which animals can return to the wild and why.

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Students may practice proper restraint techniques mammals, birds and reptiles, perform physical exams and hands-off evaluation, identify and treat parasites, administer fluids, perform necropsies and practice syringe and tube feeding techniques as well as suturing, wound care and identifying stages of healing.

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Eco-Sustainable Field Trips

Externship students visit local animal-themed sustainable projects, giving us the chance to touch on topics like farm animal breeding and management.  We also visit other conservation programs like giant sea turtle protection to discuss other areas of conservation medicine.

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We'll also take the time out to take advantage of some of the natural wonders of Costa Rica!  Be they waterfalls, ocean voyages or beautiful sunsets, adventure awaits.  


Vet/Pre-Vet Exernship

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