Educational Visits

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Educational Visits

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Wednesday & Sunday Morning Visits

Wild Sun Rescue Center is available for educational visits by appointment only.  Visits may be scheduled for Wednesdays or Sundays at 9am throughout the year and last about 45 minutes.  You must confirm your appointment at least a day in advance in order to attend.  Space is limited to 10 people.

There is no entry fee, however, do realize this is a non-profit enterprise with zero financial support from the government.  Wild Sun is a community effort, financed by donations from wildlife lovers including visitors like yourself.  Please come prepared to make a donation.  Most people give $20/person but donations are not required and are made at your own discretion.

VIP luncheons

Our luncheons are a more intimate experience and a chance to spend time with Wild Sun's staff in a more extended setting.  We begin at noon with a presentation about the wildlife in our back yard and the threats that they face.  This is followed by lunch prepared by our in-house chef and a behind the scenes tour of our rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  

Luncheon guests may choose chicken, fish or vegetarian cuisine and a beer or wine is included.  Afterward, luncheon guests are invited to use our infinity pool up until 4pm. 

There is a cost of $50/person for the meal and additional bar service is available at extra cost.  Children under 2 are free. Luncheons are by appointment only and can be arranged any day from Tuesdays through Fridays. Please click this link to see availability and to make an appointment.


Contact us via our webpage or through Facebook to schedule your visit.

Educational Visit

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