Wild Party for Wildlife

Wild Party for Wildlife

Retouched - WIld Sun Fundraiser Sunset

We finally published the website.  2 weeks of non-stop writing, organizing and designing and hardly a night with more than 4 hours sleep.  We were exhausted and it was time to celebrate.

The best place to take everyone was obviously Vista De Olas.  It’s paradise.  We rolled up, dove in, swam over to the edge of the cliff and waited for sunset; margaritas in hand and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

I made a quick joke and realized that Roger was laughing, the owner of the joint.  A while later I pulled him aside.

“We need to raise money to build a vet clinic.  Would you sponsor a drink for us?  You could raise the price $1 and donate that much for every drink you sell.  Wouldn’t cost you a thing,” was my pitch.

“Not only would I do that, but I’ll match whatever we raise and donate that too.” said Roger.

This was a generous offer.  I figured he was in a good mood so I went further:

“Would you be cool with us having a fundraiser here?”

“Sure, man.  Anytime you want.”

Wow.  And this was only the first person I asked.  It seems we’re not the only ones who want to save wildlife.

More plotting and scheming.  We could sell (what else?) falafel.  We could have a raffle.

We headed over to Santa Teresa, split the group to start walking from each end of town and meet in the middle.  We secured 23 prizes that night, ranging from free surf lessons to accommodations to massages, to free dinners, Brazilian bikinis and more.

We hung banners over the street in ST and Montezuma, posted flyers everywhere, invited all our friends and strapped on our seat belts.

And what a turnout!  Probably 300 people throughout the course of the day and night.  Some local musicians showed up to play a live set of blue grass and a little rock and it was beautiful.  Another perfect sunset.  A fire show.  Good friends.  People who care.  Lots of falafel sold.

All in all we raised more than $1,000 and that will go straight to our construction fund.  We’re now up to $2,900 of our $40,000 goal.

Thank you to all who came, who partied and who contributed to saving wildlife in Costa Rica.

And a special thanks to Roger and Vista de Olas.

Next on the horizon, a Moroccan feast and a beach party! Invites coming out soon.

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