Wild and Growing Stronger

Wild and Growing Stronger

On January 28-30, the Wild Sun Rescue Center in Cabuya hosted two courses intended to certify those who would like to dedícate their lives to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. In all, we certified 16 people for Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation as well as 10 people for Pain and Wound Management. Many of the certified attendees have already pledged to volunteer with the Wild Sun Rescue Center as first responders in the field and as rehabilitators in our center.

Each course was taught by Halley Buckanoff, the lead vet tech for the Valerie H. Schindler Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of the North Carolina Zoo. Halley is a biologist, Vet Tech and Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator. The course is certified by the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC), which offers resources for wildlife rehabilitators worldwide.


Topics for the basic rehabilitation course included basic anatomy, fluid therapy, handling and physical restraint, thermoregularion, initial care, nutrition and standards for housing as well as euthanasia and release criteria. For the pain and wound course, topics included wound types and assessment, antibiotic therapy, wound cleaning, drug therapy and supportive care techniques.


In addition to the invaluable information we learned, we were able to form a positive relationship with important members of the North Carolina Zoo. Our instructor, Halley fell in love with Costa Rica as well as our project and is actively looking for ways that the North Carolina Zoo can partner with the Wild Sun Rescue Center. One idea under consideration is the possibility to gps tag the animals we successfully rehabilitate in order to study their post reléase surival rates. Halley currently studies post reléase survival rates of birds in the United States.

Certified in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation: Jeremy Adam Levine, Heidi Elizabeth Hansen, Jane Reutter, Lee Feldman, Linda Marie Maino, Chelsea Coomes, Laura Andrea Duran Salas, Gregory George Murray, Lucia Ketelhohn, Fernanda Lima Lipes, Nanette, Kobza, Erinn Heilman, Brittany Page-Angle, Patricia Fernandez Diaz, Jeannine Shulte and Simon Macara.


Certified in Pain and Wound Management: Jeremy Adam Levine, Heidi Elizabeth Hansen, Jane Reutter, Lucia Kettelhohn, Nanette Kobza, Linda Marie Maino, Erinn Heilman, Carolyn Sawyer, Chelsea Coomes and Simon Macara.


If you would like more information about this course and how you can participate in the future, please contact Wild Sun Director, Jeremy Levine: Jeremy@wildsunrescue.com.

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