Travel Info

Travel Info

San Jose (SJO) and Liberia (LIR) are the two international airports in Costa Rica.  Although Liberia seems closer on a map, it’s actually much more difficult (and more expensive) to reach us from there.  It is almost always recommended to fly into SJO.


From San Jose:

Daily Shuttle – $55, 6 hours
You can take a shuttle any day of the week from San Jose, Alajuela or SJO airport to Cabuya / Wild Sun Rescue.

From approximately April 15 – Dec 15 there is one daily shuttle @ 8am.  From Dec 15 – April 15
there are two shuttles @ 6am & 2pm.

If you’d like to come on the shuttle please email and we can arrange for your reservations.


Shuttle Pack – $95, overnight
If you arrive late at night, you may want to arrange a shuttle pack which combines transportation to a hotel near the airport, accommodation, breakfast the next morning and transportation to Wild Sun Rescue Center.


Domestic Flight – $80-$120, 1.5 hours
We recommend www., they are the only carbon neutral airline in the world, for flights from SJO to Tambor TMU (not Tamarindo!).  After you exit customs go to the second level of the airport where the ticketing counters are. The flight will be 25 minutes. Once you arrive in Tambor you will grab a $50 taxi to the Wild Sun Rescue Center. This is the easiest and fastest way to get here and the flight is stunning!


Direct Bus to Montezuma – $15, 6 hours
This is not an easy way to travel but nonetheless, cheap.

To take this bus, you’ll need to take a $1 public bus or a taxi (~$25) the new bus terminal at Avenida 7 y Calle 8, contiguo al Cine Libano.  Enter the mall and buy your tickets on the 3rd floor. Then head back down and wait for the bus to be called.

The direct bus has other stops in Santa Teresa, Mal País, Cobano and Tambor and departs twice a day – at 6:00 am, & at 2:00 pm.

If you take the early bus to Montezuma, you may catch the 2:15pm bus from there to Cabuya in the high season or wait for the 4:15pm bus in the low season.  If you take the late bus to Montezuma, you’ll have to hire a taxi ($14) to Wild Sun Rescue Center in Cabuya.

If taking the bus, ask to get off at the first right after Super Chicho.  Then follow signs to La Escuela Del Sol and Wild Sun Rescue Center.  It’s a 700m hike, slightly uphill, so not the most fun with heavy luggage.

If you take this trip with a taxi from the airport to the bus in San Jose, then a taxi from Montezuma to Cabuya, it will cost you $54, in which case it would have been cheaper and easier to have taken the shuttle.