Thank you to all donors, big and small.  Thank you to all volunteers.  Without your help, we could not save as many animals as we do.  Know that you make a difference, not only in each individual case, but also in conservation, as everything we do depends upon your help.

There are many donors who are not on these lists but we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  A more comprehensive list of donors may be found here.

Board of Directors

  • Jeremy Levine
  • Shoshana Levine
  • Marc Levine
  • Terri Zacanti
  • Geoff Mccabe
  • Eric Del Carmen Matarritas
  • Andrea Hoyos Marquez
  • Jack Dennis Braun
  • Nicholas Woolsey

Top Donors ($500+)

  • Alex Polyachenko
  • Michael Glowzcewski
  • James Grant
  • Sheldon Levine
  • Shoshana Levine
  • Blanche Levine
  • Ira Bruce Levine
  • Ken and Janine Jordan
  • Jane and Lee Feldman
  • Heidi Hansen
  • Haris Lender
  • Bill Kasko
  • Sheila Sofian

Silver Supporters ($100+/mo)

  • Lance Patak and Scott MacBride

Notable Monthly Supporters ($20+/mo)

  • Haris Lender
  • Christa Singleton
  • Cara Weaver
  • James Grant

You can join the cause by clicking on one of the following links: