About Us

About Us


The Wild Sun Rescue Center is dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife in the southern Nicoya Peninsula. We bring in injured and orphaned wild animals from across the region and provide them with the appropriate medical care and shelter. When they have healed they are released back into their natural habitat, while the severely injured with permanent handicaps remain under our care.

Along with the rescue program we will also be collaborating with wildlife breeding centers and programs in order to reintroduce regionally extinct species back into our area. Reforestation projects are of great importance to us as well and preserving the biological corridors. We want to see the health of our beautiful and diverse ecosystem flourish. Our team has come together to see these projects through.

Director – Jeremy Adam Levine


Jeremy moved to Costa Rica and opened a Spanish, yoga, surf, and fire dancing school in 2007. Because of the areas need for an animal rescue center and his love for the local wildlife he decided to open a facility on his property in Cabuya. He has now added volunteer programs to his school and resort. This allows travelers to learn and give back while experiencing one of the worlds most beautiful and biodiverse areas.

Jeremy has his Wild Life Rescue Certification and a MBA from USC Marshall along with a BA in Television, Radio and Film from the Newhouse School of Communications. He is dedicated to helping the local wild life and spreading education about the importance of our ecosystems and keeping them healthy.

Veterinarian – Carolyn Rubin DVM


Dr. Carolyn Rubin is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Colegio de Medicos Veterinarios de Costa Rica, and the American Society of Primatology. Dr. Carolyn has Bachelors degrees in Psychobiology from Tulane University, and Organismal and Integrative Biology from Southeastern Louisiana University. As a biologist prior to becoming a veterinarian, and studying in the Galapagos Islands, she developed a passion for conservation and biodiversity.

Veterinarian- Dr. Nina Deanne Sharer


Dr. Nina Deanne Sharer is our veterinarian.  She is from the United States originally and moved to Costa Rica in 1993. Deanne is bilingual and studied to be a vet at the University of Veritas Coronado in San Rafael, Costa Rica.  She has years of experience rescuing wildlife and has run her own private practice in Montezuma and Santa Teresa.

Biologist- Vernun Arias Vega


Vernun is our resident biologist and has over 20 years of experience working with wild life in Costa Rica. His focus is on wild life management and environmental sustainability. He has worked extensively with reintroduction as a tool for wildlife conservation. To date he has successfully bred and released 150 scarlet macaws and is excited to help us get our program going here at Wild Sun.

Consultant- Halley D Buckanoff, BS, CVT, CWR

Halley is the lead veterinary technician at the VHS Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of the North Carolina Zoo.  There she cares for various native wildlife species including bears, otters, squirrels, opossums and many types of local birds.  She also manages over 150 volunteers and interns at the center.

Halley holds at BS in Biology from Lewis and Clark College. She has over 10 years of experience practicing medicine and husbandry as a certified vet tech for exotic, zoo and local wildlife species.

Halley has previous experience as a field biologist.  She holds a permit from the United States Fish and Wildlife commission for banding with which she currently conducts post-release survival studies on common backyard birds.

Halley is also the Association of Zoo and Aquarium’s North American Regional Studbook Keeper for the Perodicticus potto, a small monkey species from Africa.

In addition, Halley teaches certification courses for the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council in Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation, Pain and Wound Management, Nutrition and more.

We look forward to Halley visiting the Wild Sun Rescue Center yearly to share information and advice.